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I started Into Resurrection as a place to work through my thoughts and questions as I figure out what it means to live as a Christian in the tension between the world as it is and the coming kingdom of God. I began this blog after leaving, with many mixed emotions, a career in academia. I specialized in the literature of late medieval England, and I love the strange and wonderful world of the middle ages.

I’m a teacher at heart, and my favorite form of teaching is the seminar where questions and ideas flow freely and I leave as invigorated and inspired as my students. In the tradition of a seminar, I see Into Resurrection as part of a larger conversation among Christians, particularly former or dissatisfied evangelicals, about what it means to be Christian. I have been influenced by so many who have begun raising the questions we must grapple with: Rachel Held Evans, Sarah Bessey, Rob Bell, Pete Enns, Christina Cleveland.

My training as a medievalist, while not an obvious entry point into blogging about faith, has helped me to understand different perspectives on the world — on history, gender, government, church, family. I can’t, of course, escape the culture in which I live, but I have a lot of practice in attempting to step outside my context in order to understand another point of view. I hope that this practice helps as I work through what it means to live into resurrection.


Sarah is a recovering academic with a passion for the middle ages, baking, and science fiction. She currently lives in the Chicagoland area with one husband, two dogs, and three daughters, where she is on staff at the Church of the Savior. When she’s not writing or packing lunches she’s probably binge-watching the Great British Baking Show with her family.

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