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Five Minute Friday: Share

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Share your toys. Share your blanket. Share your space, your books, your pencils: I have 3 children in elementary school, so I constantly remind people to share.

And why do I fight this battle? Because I want my children to grow up to be generous and not miserly, clinging fearfully and angrily to what is theirs. I want them to give with open hands, to invite others in with open hearts. And if I lay that foundation now, with their family, I hope they will carry that generosity on into adulthood.

Because as adults, the temptation to hoard, to be greedy and avaricious, doesn’t fade. And sometimes, it’s difficult to tell if we’re being greedy or prudent: should I stash extra money in savings, or donate it? Do I need a back-up coat? How much really is enough?

It’s not wrong to have some things we don’t share; just as I don’t expect my girls to share their precious lovies, we all have things that are not for sharing with everyone.

But as I strive to cultivate generosity in my children, I’m pushed to consider where I can also share more — time, money, talent, material things. That urge to selfishly cling to what we want lingers, but it can be overcome by a counter-narrative of plenty and openhandedness rather than scarcity.

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