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Five Minute Friday: Crowd

The Sermon of John the Baptist
Jan Brueghel the Elder, The Sermon of John the Baptist, 16th century | image via Wikimedia Commons | public domain

I’m trying out a new thing: Five Minute Friday! This community of bloggers writes on a one-word prompt every Friday for five minutes, then shares their post. You can read other posts from this week here and learn more about the Five Minute Friday linkup here. To comment on this piece, head over to my Facebook page.


I normally don’t like crowds: the mass of people pressing around me, separating me from my companions, unconsciously bumping me, invading my personal space. I worry about getting lost, being trampled, losing a child.

And yet, sometimes, it’s powerful to be part of a crowd. Sitting in an audience at a play, everyone gasping at the same time; marching in a group against injustice; waiting in line for a new book or movie. The excitement and energy of the crowd contagious, flowing over and through me.

That’s obviously the power and danger of crowds: your individual voice swells to become a dozen, a hundred, a million voices strong — or, in the midst of the crowd, your voice disappears, crushed under the roar of other voices.

Let us pray for wisdom to know when to join our voices to the crowd or to stand against it, even if we cannot rise above the crush, so that we may not lose ourselves.

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