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Five Minute Friday: Complete

Week two of trying out a new thing: Five Minute Friday! This community of bloggers writes on a one-word prompt every Friday for five minutes, then shares their post. You can read other posts from this week here and learn more about the Five Minute Friday linkup here. To comment on this piece, head over to my Facebook page.

couch coffee and book
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Complete is hard for me. I could write pages about incomplete: all the things I could do and haven’t, or have started but not finished; my inner critic (the gift — or curse — of being a 1 on the Enneagram) often delights in pointing out how very incomplete I am.

So what does completeness look like? Sometimes completeness looks like finishing, achieving: dinner is complete, or my tasks for the day. But sometimes completeness doesn’t come from checking items off a list or having everything arranged just so.

Complete is when my whole family piles on the couch after dinner to watch the Great Brittish Bake Off, even if the dishes aren’t done.

Complete is when I get coffee with a friend, catching up on our lives and laughing together.

Complete is when I see friends or family I’ve missed, when distance collapses and we gather together around a table.

Complete is when I spend time in prayer, immersing myself in the vastness of God and somehow emerging even more wholly myself than when I started.

Complete comes in these moments of connection and times of worship, when I am reminded that it is not good to be alone.

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