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New Posting Schedule, Newsletter, and Updates

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After an unplanned but much-needed two-week hiatus, I’m back! As Into Resurrection approaches its first anniversary, I have been reflecting on where I see it going in the future. I don’t intend to stop writing here any time soon — but I think it’s time to make a few changes.

First, I’ll only be posting a substantial piece once a week, on Tuesdays. On Fridays, I plan to post something short and more off-the-cuff. In addition to these posts, though, I’m launching a bi-weekly newsletter! Stay tuned for info on how to subscribe. This newsletter will have a more personal update, links to great articles I’ve read or to pieces I’ve written, and (inevitably) a book or two to add to your TBR pile.

And what, you ask, will I be doing in all my spare time? Excellent question!

I am now working part-time for my church, as Coordinator of Children’s Ministry and as Communications Coordinator. I’m thrilled to be on staff because I love my new colleagues and because I’m happy to turn my administrative skills to good use.

But the other reason I’m excited to be on staff at my church is that I’m in the process of exploring a call to pastoral ministry — specifically, the priesthood.

Whew. Saying that out loud is still so strange to me.

When I decided to resign my teaching position 20 months ago, I never could have imagined that pastoral ministry might be in my future. But this seems to be a path that I need to follow for now, and when I’m not surprised or terrified I’m really excited to see where this will lead.

Also, in between working and writing for this blog and preaching the occasional sermon, I’m beginning to write articles for other publications and starting on a book about faith and feminism. As I work out ideas for my book, expect to see more blog content on the place of feminism within Christianity — I have a whole stack of books that I’m excited to dive into.

I will be continuing to write about subversion in scripture — Rahab is coming up next month — and about women in Christianity. And in September, I want to jump off from a rather ridiculous Gospel Coalition piece that divided food in to “masculine” and “feminine” in order to think about gender essentialism.

I was in academia for so long that the start of a new school year feels more like a new year than January 1st. So I’m excited to go into this new (school) year with a new plan for the blog, a new newsletter, a new job, a new calling. I hope that you’ll stick with me as I continuing moving into this new season of my life!

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