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Sarah Lindsay

On Not Being Superhuman

Ambition by Dana Naser
Dana Naser, Ambition | image via World Art Dubai

So I tend to be a tiny bit over ambitious at times.

I also indulge in ironic understatements. I’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to consider how the two may be related.

Anyway. I have been trying to convince myself for the last few weeks that I actually can feed, clothe and occasionally bathe three small people; do a freelance project; apply and interview for a job at my church; lead a Girl Scout troop; move into a new house; and write two blog posts per week while also at least occasionally saying hello to my husband and, if I’m lucky, sleeping.

But I’m once again getting my periodic reminder that I am not, in fact, either superhuman or in possession of a time turner. And since this blog neither whines at me, pays me, or operates on a definite timeline, I think it’s the thing that has to go for the next two weeks. I’m disappointed that I don’t get to write about Sor Juana and Tamar until next month, but unlike my truck rental they can wait.

I will be back to my normal posting schedule on May 7. I have it on good authority that the internet will still be around when I come back.

(Also? I’m writing this on my phone while waiting for one of my daughters to finish ballet, and I thoroughly hate it. I feel old now.)

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