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Link to Guest Post on Choosing Public Schools

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Most parents experience at least a twinge of emotion as they send their child off to kindergarten: that first day of school marks a significant transition. I certainly felt that twinge when I dropped my oldest off for the first time. But for me, the twinge was heightened by the fact that I wasn’t just sending my daughter into a new experience for her; I was entering a new experience myself.

You see, I was homeschooled. About six weeks into first grade at a public school, my parents pulled me out. They meant it as a short-term solution, but my younger siblings and I ended up homeschooled through our high school graduations. And we became, gradually, the sort of homeschooling family that views public schools as evil, hotbeds of liberal politics and myriad vices.

So how did I end up sending my own children to public schools? …

Read the rest over at Erin Wasinger’s blog, where this piece is part of her “Passing Notes” series on choosing public schools.