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Happy (USA) Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving decorations
image by Nathaniel Parker | via Pixabay | CC0 1.0

The past year has been a challenging one for me. Eleven months ago, after much agonizing, I decided to leave my job teaching English at a small Christian college in Tennessee. And more, I decided not to keep looking for another academic job if I didn’t get one during the 2016-17 job season. Five years on the academic job market had made my soul weary, and I even though I love my field I couldn’t continue to put myself through that process.

So I quit my job, and when another job offer never materialized I moved with my family back to the Chicago area. It’s been a disorienting season in many ways, although I’m writing — this blog among other things — and slowly stretching into new ideas about my future.

But this is Thanksgiving, and in the midst of all the transitions of the last year I have much to be thankful for.

First, I’m thankful to those of you reading this blog. Thanks for your support, and keep sharing posts you like with others who may appreciate them!

I’m thankful for my former students, who challenged me to be a careful reader and clear communicator, and who indulged my nerdy enthusiasm for books and words.

I’m thankful to my former colleagues for their warm and generous support, for wise advice, letters of recommendation, and sour cream donuts from Dunkin.

I’m thankful for our friends in Tennessee, who loved us even as we left them and supported us in our move.

I’m thankful for old friends who welcomed us back to the Chicago area, and fed us and watched our kids while we unloaded and unpacked boxes.

I’m thankful for the people who have so generously welcomed us into our new church, making us feel at home.

I’m incredibly thankful for my husband, who worked tirelessly to set up this website and who has been encouraging and supportive during this transition.

I’m thankful for my daughters, who remind me to laugh and play and drink hot cocoa on chilly afternoons.

I hope that all of you have good food and good company and many things to be thankful for this year. And for those of you who have struggled this year or who find Thanksgiving difficult, may you have a day of peace.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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